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     Out of nowhere and everywhere, here come the Rhum Runners!


     These cosmopolitan jet-setters from the continent have been sampling the lo-ball beverages in airport lounges and burlesque parlors from Mexico City to Saigon, in order to serve you these refreshing exotic sounds.


     It’s all about the groove here - so get up! - Then get down with these six swinging sailors who will rock your boat and soak your throat with rum cocktails.

     Hosted by the prestigious label Doghouse & Bone, on which the band has released several LP's and SP's, the Rhum Runners keep rallying clubs and festivals around Europe, rocking crowds with flavor and over-proof spirit...

     Hop aboard !

     De nulle part et d’ailleurs, arrivent les Rhum Runners !

     Ces globe-trotteurs du Rock’n’Roll collectionnent les pépites sonores qu’ils vont chercher aux quatre coins du monde, bande-son technicolor de film de contrebande ou de strip-tease.

     Le décor : de Saïgon à Caracas, Islamabad
ou encore Trinidad...


     Entre la France et la Belgique, leurs ports d'attache, l'équipage se prépare à mettre les voiles pour la Russie, l'Italie, l'Angleterre, puis, le reste du monde.

     A terre, ils expérimentent de nouveaux cocktails,
ou enregistrent leurs aventures.

     Espoir à bord !


Name : Bombo "Longo" Long Island

Nationality : Americano - Congolese

Abilities : Engine Utilityman / Pumpman


Affectations :

Greek Oil Tanker "Aegean Star"

American passenger Ship "Independance"


Details / misc :

Discovered as a newborn baby in a rhum crate aboard USS Intrepid in 1967




Notorious Drunkard

Name : Pensacola "Pensa" Bushwaker

Nationality : American

Abilities : Search and rescrue aircrewman  Helicopter Pilot / Stewart


Affectations :

American Corps Bay Hawaï, Kaneohe Bay

NAF Mayport, Florida


Details / misc :

Knows 30 ways to kill a man barehands, or with a saxophone strap

Drinks hot water at wake up




Notorious Drunkard

Name : Colada Jones

Nationality : British

Abilities : Master Mariner


Affectations :

Vessel Lieutenant on HMS Endurance


Details / misc :

Prominent member of the famous "Club

des Pinardiers"

Elected "Coolest oficer of the Royal Navy" for the year 1998

Can drink 4 red wine bottles on his own




Dismissed of the Royal Navy when they discovered that he was a notorious drunkard

Name : Toni Mojito

Nationality : Puertorican

Abilities : Stewart / Electrician


Affectations :

Cuban Marine Ship "La Manzanilla", Cienfuegos, Cuba

Tugboat in La Ceiba Port, Honduras


Details / misc :

Longlasting smuggling expertise

Pretends he is Italian




Notorious Drunkard

Name : Brass "Monkey" Kong

Nationality : Swedish

Abilities : Captain


Affectations :

Barge Captain in Lisboa Harbour, Portugal

Tugboat Captain in Lagos Harbour, Nigeria


Details / misc :

Can be at the helm without wasting a drop

off his glass

Drives a motorcycle on the desk of his





Notorious Drunkard

Name : Aristide Planteur

Nationality : French

Abilities : Cook / Able Bodied Seaman


Affectations :

Chief cook on D261 "Chevalier Paul",

French National Marine

Enseigne de vaisseau "Henry", French Merchant Marine


Details / misc :

Delicatessen Explorer

Can mix 37 different rum cocktails




Notorious Drunkard

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